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We do everything on a whim and this is no different.  We also do everything with family, love, and passion in mind, again this venture is no different.


We moved here in 2013 with our one son and quickly adopted Raleigh as our home, and Raleigh adopted us back. We grew our family by two (a daughter and second son) and decided that we couldn't have found a better place to raise our children. What can we say? We love it here. 


Opening a coffee shop has been one our dreams since we met in 2006, and when the opportunity came, we leapt headfirst without thinking. Now 2020 is upon us and boy what a year! March and April have been real doozies. In fact, January and February weren't quite the peaches we had all hoped. Who opens a business during a pandemic? We do. Thats who. We are optimists after all. 


We found a place where we feel at home, nestled between Oakwood and Mordecai, and we have never felt so welcomed or accepted in our lives and we are so grateful for the support and excitement. We can't wait to serve you with the best coffee, pastries, and baked goods that Raleigh has locally available. May is going to be better. For sure. May is going to be our year. 


Your Local Favorites

Our Amazing Partners

We've partnered with some of Raleigh's favorite locals, proudly including, Black & White Coffee Roasters, Layered Croissanterie, Michael's English Muffins, and Lyrix Elixirs. 



Ask about renting our space, or catering some of our specialty coffee -or just write us a note to say, "hi!"

919.896.8988 | TheOptimistRaleigh@gmail.com

M-Sat 7:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

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